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2021 Christian Reading Challenge

I’ve been doing a reading challenge for the past couple of years; challenging myself to not only read more books each year, but to think about the genre of books I’m reading too. 

We all find excuses to not read, but for me, it is literally one of my most favourite things to do in life. It is escapism, it is an opportunity to learn and to grow, to dream. I find myself, I lose myself.

2018 was the first year I did the reading challenge, and I probably read the most books I’ve read for many years (38), but I was pregnant and spent quite a bit of time resting. 2019 I had a baby and was working. Lots of excuses to not read, but I made a commitment to keep growing, to keep challenging my mind and to not let my brain atrophy. Very easy to do that when you have a baby in your 40’s! I managed to read 36 books in a year.

This year I want to read at least the same amount of books as last year, but I want to make sure I read more devotional books and leadership books. This is a challenge for me because I really love reading novels. I need time to rest and relax because I have such a busy life and a busy mind, and my favourite way to relax is to read. And, can I be totally truthful? I find Christian books really difficult to read! They can be really hard to concentrate on when you’re tired and reading at night. It’s not the same as sinking into a novel. So it is a discipline for me, but I am up for the challenge!

If you were friends with me on Goodreads, you would see that I am always in the middle of reading about 5 books at a time. It’s not because I’m flaky, it’s because I have a novel on the go, a devotional book, a text book, an audio book and a kindle book! Audible is just the BEST thing ever. Whenever I am doing boring housework or making the tea, I am listening to a book at the same time. It is fantastic for getting through books and it means I actually look forward to cooking and putting clothes away.

My new discovery is Blinkist. This is an app where you can ‘read’ an entire book in just 13 minutes, as it breaks each book down into blinks, or main points. It gives you the key points from the word’s best non-fiction books. You can join up with a monthly fee and read as many books as you like, or just go on without a membership and read the daily free book. It’s ideal for someone like me who doesn’t find it easy to read non-fiction.

I would love to invite you to join my 2021 Reading Challenge.

2021 Christian Reading Challenge

Here’s how it works: 

You will find the reading challenge below. You’ll see that there are two tracks – 13 books or 26! This is either reading one book every four weeks or one book every two weeks. If you want to do 52 books (one a week) you can easily adjust for that as well.

Pick Your Level:

Everyone is at a different place with their reading habit. It might be that you barely read at all, so to read 13 books in a year is a massive challenge. But if you are an avid reader, go for the next level or beyond.

13 Books a Year – This works out to 1 book every 4 weeks. If you have no habit of reading right now or have no idea how you will fit reading into your schedule, pick a book that appeals to you and challenge yourself to get it read within 4 weeks. In other words, start somewhere.

26 Books a Year – If you want to tackle a bigger challenge, then this level will get you reading 1 book every two weeks throughout the year. It’s still a very doable reading track but will challenge you to stay on track!

Here are some suggested categories: 

  • Christian Living
  • Marriage
  • Parenting/Family Life
  • Theology
  • Fiction
  • Biography/History
  • Spiritual Disciplines 
  • Christian Classics
  • Church History
  • Classic Literature

I was inspired by the reading challenges set by Tim Challis

and the reading challenge set by Jami at the Young Wifes guide:

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